Top 5: Feel Good Friday

It’s Friday! Ditch all the worries of the week and head into the weekend with a better mood with our Feel Good playlist.

Junior EmpireDecide“- London-based 5 piece band, Junior Empire, consisting of Jack Balfour Scott, Joey Arnold Zapata, Diego Belmonte, Hannah van den Brul andJordan Grispino, follow-up their track “West Coast” with the equally luscious synth-pop track “Decide.” The track opens with a bare indie sound that can lead into any direction but ultimately grows with synths. “Decide” then pulls  a listener in with the stretch of vocals in the chorus and gently eases into the break of the track before sprinting towards the end with everything they have.

Regardless of the momentum and vibe of the track, the intent behind the song was based on uncertainty. “We wrote ‘Decide’ when we were in a period of uncertainty and confusion which sometimes feels like everyday,” Explained the band, continuing,”It’s about having no idea what to do, and just rolling with it.”

Junior Empire leads this list as a perfect track to unwind and head into the weekend with…just roll with it.

The Green Children Dreamers” – Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, or as they are better known as The Green Children, release their first single from their forthcoming third album. With a hazy pop sound, the down-tempo pop track can easily wash away any worries from the week.  Opening with keys slightly familiar to Madonna’s “Holiday,” the track vibes to the pop of the 80s with dreamy vocals that glide over a polished electronic track. The balance of Sunde’s classic pop vocals, and the carefree electro sounds, create a blissful experience that doesn’t try too hard; an effortless melody.

NordeMissing You” Feat. Lucas Nord- Sweedish producer Norde gets to the point with his latest track “Missing You.” Opening with the chorus, and the catchy line, “I’m still here missing me missing you,” the pop track is hard to not fall in love with. Norde’s clean production is heard and felt with his sharp cuts and smooth transitions. The track isn’t drenched with heavy reverb or unnecessary bass drops, but better yet by an uptempo melodic groove. Producers everywhere try to embellish on pop and electronic sounds but may get lost. So here’s to the clarity of Norde and his development through the experimental-pop stream.

Dahl Hates DiscoEndless Motion (Come With Me)” –  Johannesburg-based collective, Dahl Hates Disco, debut their track “Endless Motion (Come With Me)” and welcomes us to brighter days. Following suit of the fusion of dreamy vocals with nostalgic pop, Dahl Hates Disco incorporates their own spin on the styling, notably glowing with the break that showcases a versatile sound outside of “pop.” Through the up-tempo melodic wave of joy, “Endless Motion” is a tropical dance beat with funky bass lines and lucid dreaming vocals.

DRÆMINGSArea 51” – Kimi Recor, the human behind the moniker, brings to the table a heartache that is trying to go away under a sea of uptempo magic with her track “Area 51.” Off of her debut album, The Eternal Lonesome, Recor takes a darker approach with her low and alluring vocals. Bleeding with slight hurt and whimsical “what if’s” the track’s 80s approach hits home, yet still creates desirability and joy. Heavy synths add the touch between verses and lead up to a strong core that is pulled off beautifully by Recors’ voice.

The dance track though has a heavy heart as Recor shared this about the story:  “I wrote it about being in love with somebody who’s also a musician,” says Recor. “When you love someone who’s a traveling artist you always know that person is going to leave. It’s vagabond love. The two of you are never going to be in the same place at the same time for long. You let people go and you’re okay with it. I’ve always been with artists and had to accept they’re going to love their art more than they love me because I love my art more than anyone.”

Despite this notion, we still believe you can love your art, the artist, and all with the artist, at the same time. Keep dancing.

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