Discover: B00TY ‘Holy’

Soul and funk-tronic group B00TY, connect intangible aspects of the universe that are floating around without reason, and within their video for”Holy” successfully place the pieces to rest. Directed by Sadé Clacken Joseph, the cinematic video can only do enough justice to the beauty of the track with its direction, editing, and storyline that jumpstart your soul. Carried effortlessly by all actors, and recreating life as the art form that it is, the dance visionary paints a human in its rawest form. From love, desire, to sadness, relief, and the pursuit of happiness that occurs by the pressurized visualization of what time is, and can do, Joseph’s direction is revolutionary.

Opening into an eerie and unknown territory, that may lead a viewer to the notion that this is a domesticated scene, immediately features a young boy in a room isolated from the muffled sounds of adults arguing. Comfort seems to be found within a stuffed animal that soon drives away from him, where he follows the magical animal for the duration of the video. Welcoming him into an abandoned building, the smallest of details tell the story. Doors and rooms reflect the boy’s moments in time, assessing what happened in each room before leaving to the next.

Soulfully driven keys, and vocals by B00TY create a peaceful and at times, grand feeling of something “more.” Direct lyrics hit home, as the realization of a greater love is displayed in the next scene featuring two older people who seemed to have lost the magic, and yet revisit the sparks by the insatiable chorus, “When I hold you in my arms / I feel holy like a god.

Depicting the view from the childlike standpoint is the innocence of all humans that dissipates as we grow older. What can only be seen from that version as a child, is repeated until the man creates what is needed from within. We ultimately see the man gain an inner spark that the stuffed animal no longer can possess, as he dances alone in the final scene. Small details come into play again, as we notice the physical eye on the plush animal changes from one to the other, symbolizing the change in perspective.

Driven by the momentum of the track, B00TY’s gift of expressive chords and honest words will pull out the lost part of a human’s soul.



2 comments on “Discover: B00TY ‘Holy’

  1. What a great, moving song!


  2. jblankabc

    Great video and song: Holy. Thanks for helping me appreciate it even more!


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