Jane In Space ‘Feel It Alive’

NYC dark electronic trio, Jane In Space, bring back a heavy industrial sound that fuses new wave of the 80s, to a modern dark wave sound on their recent single, “Feel It Alive.” Tom Vickers (vocals), Josh Stillman (bass), and Jesse Jensen (electronics, guitars, keys) incorporate an array of sounds and colors, extracting the emotional attitude of a post-punk song while placing it on an electronic foundation.

Translating to what may be compared to a robot programming itself to feel, the track’s vivid use of waves displays the uncertainty within “feeling.” The experimental aspect is appreciated as the track’s production is clean and absorbs the majority of the space. Powered by Vickers’ low and at times haunting vocals, the trio aims to trigger a sensual disturbance within the listener, especially with their music video.

Directed by Permian Strata, “Feel It Alive” is a continuously locked shot of Vickers through a multitude of distorted vocals, sounds, and colors. While focusing on Vickers’ face, a slightly uncomfortable feeling develops due to the effects of the gaze, and ultimately achieves the trio’s goal-  you just felt alive. In par with traditional dark electro, Jane In Space artistically showcases human’s disturbances through the expressive visual stimuli and powerful bass riffs.

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