Must Watch: Lauren Nine Ft. Kali Mount ‘Karma/SoulForDinner’

Every now and then I’ll come across an artist where I will stop everything that I am doing to quickly write what was found. In this case, I didn’t find one, but two, talented individuals.

Barcelona MC, Laura Nine teams up London producer and rapper, Kali Mount for something beautiful. Their two track compilation “Karma / SoulForDinner” is as incomplete as reality can be presented, that it ties the irony together in a smooth, nostalgic approach with a heavy centered soul that is absolutely beautiful. Broken into Side A and Side B, the philosophy of the two tracks doesn’t come full circle until heard as a whole.

“Karma” is a lingering slow sound as Nine’s low and raspy voice tries to figure it all out on either a logical aspect or something greater when she realizes “Karma, karma, comes back around.” Sight anger in her tone contradicts with the easy going production, yet this very aspect brings out a personal touch. Displaying that yes there’s frustration within Nine’s voice, but the production is reassurance that everything will be ok and Karma will have the final say.

With a slight delay, Side B comes into the picture with the track “SoulForDinner.” Transitioning from black and white, to color, “Soulfordinner” displays Nine in a different light, that is soft and so human. Mount doesn’t only lend his production skills again for the track, but showcases his rapping abilities as well. The melody is luscious and full of life as it feeds off of Nine’s smooth R&B vocals.

Each side weighs the heart and mind on the same wavelength and brings a sort of balance, perspectively speaking. This is the start of a new project that will be released from the two artists, and from the likes of the chemistry here, future releases will be just as powerful.

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