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New Noise [Electro & Indie-Pop]: Feel Good for the Week

For the electronic and pop lovers who are looking for feel good tracks, here are some great artists from last week to check out.

NOVVARose” – Dreamy, electronic-pop guided by a blue haired Goddess are few of the words to describe NOVVA and her track “Rose.”  Melting into sci-fi electronic bits by the chorus, NOVVA’s vocals will pull you in and out of reality as her words lead you inside the hidden crevices of your mind. Delievered with such a clean production, NOVVA is a gem to keep an eye and ear out for.

Griffin StollerGot You Too“-  Hailing from San Francisco, 21-year-old producer Griffin Stoller steps into the electronic music scene after years of being an award-winning violin player and showcases his lively attitude on the track “Got You Too.” The track can be instantly heard as commercial friendly, fun, and catchy from beginning to end; perfect for the summer.  Stoller displays smooth transitions and despite being electronic and dance, the track isn’t weighed down with excessive bass. “Got You Too” is an addictive dance wave with a range of high vocals, and even subtle, bright guitars. Obvious Stoller’s attention to detail from being a string musician paid off towards his production skills.

Inspired & The Sleep Sweet Company“-  Can this get any sweeter? San Diego duo Inspired & The Sleep return with their indie-pop track “Sweet Company.” Opening with a heavy pop intro that is filled with catchy gibberish, the repetitive words trace a bright melody and will get stuck in your head. The duo displays a sweeter side to their sound on this track, while still displaying their indie and dreamy hooks. Within the fusion of the pop intro and the indie chorus, the smallest details, such as the translucent backing that echoes a similar melody of “Mr. Sandman,” only proves how sweet the company really was.

Common TigerFly” (Featuring Nathan)-  Matthew Mahoney, or as he is more commonly known, Common Tiger, does something magical on his track “Fly.” Intended with purity and simply around positive vibes, “Fly” becomes an inspirational breeze to jumpstart any doubt a listener may have. Soft and motivational vocals add to the small peaks of electronic hooks that aren’t as prominent as the natured centered production but keep the track modern.

“I wrote Fly to encourage a sense of freedom in listeners. When I created Fly I was in the midst of somewhat of a writers block and life funk. There was a part of me that rebelled against my day job roasting coffee. Thoughts like “I’m too good for this” etc plagued my mind. Then I had a realization, I thought “I’m not too good for this, whatever I do I just need to let it Fly”. 

Men I TrustLauren“- Hailing from Quebec City, Canada, the indie-dance band Men I Trust, composed of Jessy, Odile, Emma, seriously bring the vibes with their track “Lauren.” Highlighting the track is an incredible bass line that carries through its entirety and sends small traces of groovy delight for its duration. Backed by whimsical vocals that swift you off your feet, the dreamy and hazy vibes emitted will send you in a state of bliss for the week.

Mandy Sloan “Let’s Go For Broke” – Folk-pop singer Mandy Sloan, from Austin, TX, steps out of the folk aspect and dabbles with colorful and electronic melodies on her latest track “Let’s Go For Broke.”  Sloan creates such a sweet centered track with vibrant chimes and joyous layering of vocals, that Sloan’s willing tone makes the possibility of going broke less horrifying.

Boychuck “Actors” –  Canadian artist Boychuck introduces us to a fun-filled anthem of danceable moves alongside catchy melodies with his track “Actors.”  There seems to be an 8-bit, video game vibe that is felt instantly, and overall “Actors” becomes a backing track to unwind down alongside a heavy work week.  More tracks are to be released from the newcomer, so stay tuned to his social media for new releases from his EP, Into the Dark.

Listen Here:

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