Discover: Crayon

With a production style similar to the likes of Mount Kimbie and James Blake, Crayon delivers his Flee EP a downtempo, hazy collection of electronic tracks. The producer hails from France and is part of the emerging label Roche Musique. The collective who continues to impress with a wide variety of house, future funk, and off beat electronica was founded by DJ and promoter Cézaire. The founder comments on the evolution of Roche in an interview stating, “You can take two genres and it can evolve into an unique genre that will give birth to three others, it’s infinite,” an idea very reminiscent of the collective’s sound.

Flee sees Crayon’s first self-debut work, after releasing another collection of ambient songs with fellow Roche Musique member Duñe. Crayon makes a conscious effort in Flee to create atmospheric sounds that may be great to chill out to, only to intrigue the listener and keep you attentive for each small detail. The tracks are almost a representation of a dream like space, where music is soft and blurred in the most wonderful way.

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