New Noise: Birdtalker ‘Graveclothes’

Photo: Gavin Nutt, Courtesy of Birdtalker via Facebook
Photo: Gavin Nutt, Courtesy of Birdtalker via Facebook

Tennesse band Birdtalker steals the spotlight with their track “Graveclothes” and could be compared to the likes of The Lumineers with their energetic fusion of bright folk melodies. What began after frontman Zack Green and Dani Green married in 2012, grew to the quintet that is now Birdtalker, which couldn’t be complete without Andy Hubright (percussion), Brian Seligman (guitar, mandolin, vocals), and Jesse Baker (bass, vocals).

“Graveclothes” becomes one of those songs that just make life worth living, with the amount of emotion behind the overall presentation of the track. Opening with a whimsical pep in your step and bright keys, followed by gracious mandolin plucking, the track’s transitions become standout features. The break finds a place inside a listener’s heart with Z. Green’s voice repeating, “Don’t get lost inside your head.” The transition of sounds that seems to mesh perfectly with the folk-rooted influence are held up with a triumphant vocal choir backing, alongside D. Green’s sweet voice filling up the empty spaces.

Zack Green does something spectacular when his vocals are isolated, and to say the least, his range is pretty amazing. There is an immediate joy from start to finish on the track where “Graveclothes” becomes a memorable summer love. Alternative-folk can go right or terribly wrong, in the case of Birdtalker, they went the right way.


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