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Debut Single: Sol ‘Mystery’ Prod. Auralponic

Courtesy of Sol via Facebook
Courtesy of Sol via Facebook

Los Angeles native Sol released her debut single “Mystery,” produced by Auralponic, and will captivate more than electronic lovers’ ears with its worldly trance. Taking a dark approach within the electronic and alternative stream, “Mystery” demonstrates the relationship that Sol possess with her music, as well as the quality production skills of Auralponic.

Sol’s music is intimate in a natural, unforced approached. While dabbling in the realm of such an experimental genre, Sol doesn’t get lost in excess noise which is why her collaboration with producer Auralponic, is a balanced blend on the track. Living up to its name, the sensuality is a yearn that immediately is felt, drawing to bare animal instincts, curiosity, and temptation. “I want to be the misery you can’t live without” invokes such a human want, where a masochist meets a sadistic point of view.

Holding the track together without a doubt are the tribal beats.  Praise to every ounce of percussion that bleeds on this track, as the beats mimic a time where they were used to represent a human heartbeat. The same concept is applied as the beats act as the core life support behind Sol’s vocals. By the second half of the song the track becomes fuller with bass and is a well blended modern approach on a dark romance.


1 comment on “Debut Single: Sol ‘Mystery’ Prod. Auralponic

  1. Fabio Tylim

    Amazing music!
    Such talent!


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