Discover: The Latest in Funk/Dance

Jean Tonique brings disco and funk infusion in his latest EP release. Lead single “Lit Up is a feel-good funk anthem reminiscing on good vibes, accompanied by solid vocals courtesy of Canadian trio Dirty Radio. “Fallin’  boasts Tonique’s production skills layering piano synths, a bubbly bass line, and his own vocal sampling.


Houston-based producers Wrestlers make a wonderful combination of club-ready melodic electronica, bringing deep house vibes in their latest remix. Kicking off with smooth vocals, the track is bass-heavy and wobbling with crisp synths. Wrestlers once again prove their knack for making music ready to play out on the dance floor.


With an album on the way, Flamingosis brings a sample-based gem with his latest single “Bright Moments,” produced with help from fellow funky friend The Kount.  The New Jersey producer describes his latest project as, “continuation of the hip-hop/funk hybrid sample based music that I’ve been making for the past few years.”

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