James Leonard Hewitson ‘Care Less, Love Less’

Hailing from Hartlepool, James Leonard Hewitson emerged last month with his debut single “Care Less, Love Less.” The hazy summer track is filled with catchy melodic riffs, and lo-fi vocals focusing on Hewitson’s wordplay. The “slacker” approach of the track fits perfectly into his construction as he portrays the “careless” appeal while showcasing hidden sentiments. Pairing these two concepts aids in the construction of a perfect indie tune to sing away any troubles.

Hewitson’s attention to detail, seen immediately from the title, hinted towards smaller aspects of the track for us to truly appreciate. Such as the wave of psychedelic pop jangles that are gently embedded within the track and shows a prominent behavior by the chorus, which counters the slacker appeal. Suddenly the bright melody washes the insincerity and flows easily with the surf appeal that Hewitson effortlessly displays.

Splashes from a myriad of genres, ultimately “Care Less, Love Less” oozes with  Britpop characteristics and is prominently held up by 90s influences; something that Hewitson is able to deliver in a fresh manner.





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