Nostalgic Freshness: Jim Caesar ‘Soul Purpose’

Imagine that you’re one of the wise men trawling through the desert. You see a big star in the sky and you just know that you’ve gotta follow it because whatever it leads to is gonna be life changing. That’s the vibe that I was going for. – Jim Caesar on the track ‘Soul Purpose’

UK artist, Jim Caesar, returns with a follow-up from his last summer track “5050,” and once again reintroduced past inspiration’s reincarnated, heard on “Soul Purpose.” The self-defined genre of “nostalgic freshness,” where Caesar classifies himself, is the closest creation of words to describe his sound. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, Caesar’s approach is simple and fresh at the same time. With endless possibilities within “pop,” Caesar’s own modern sound, in addition to the nostalgic sounds of the greats, is the product of enjoyable tracks with a sense of love from beginning to end.

“Soul Purpose” follows a clear path of modern synths, soulful kicks, and a tender, smooth voice that allows the melody to have its’ past time vibe. Caesar’s clear influence from the past is an enjoyable love to return to music. Specifically the hook on the track, which combines all the elements that made “5050” beautiful yet still allows room for a listener to see the direction of growth Caesar is heading towards. In a way, this is all gratifying to see these sounds evolve, especially as more releases come from the young artist.


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