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Arms Akimbo ‘Michigan’

Los Angeles locals, Arms Akimbo, step into our lives with a new single “Michigan” and easily place themselves on the radar as an artist who broke out in July, and who will continue to rise this year. Consisting of Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Colin Boppell, and Matt Sutton, who all met at college in Los Angeles, the four-piece showcase a sense of brotherly love within their shared structured approach, allowing for full impact when heard.

Backed by a personal sentiment, “Michigan” retraces life from the past and present, while projecting a sense of validated hope into the future. “I wrote ‘Michigan’ shortly after my grandpa passed away,” says Kalil. “It has always been really special to me and I kept to myself for a long time. But now, with the band behind me, I’m finally ready to share.”

Driven not only by this loss, but by the strength of the full band, “Michigan” stands-out for the waves of musical comfort and relief, mimicking the rise and fall of life, beautifully displayed. Lyrics tell Kalil’s story, as the slow approach soon builds and comes to life through loud and catchy riffs. The last two minutes of the track will be the punch to it all, and worth the wait, showcasing loud drum fills, and a unity angst of yelling provided by the band, similar to the rough sound of The Districts.

So much more can be said about “Michigan” and its cinematic approach through alternative rock that could be the soundtrack of your life.

Arms Akimbo also were nominated for Deli LA Artist of the Month for July, and you can vote here.

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  1. Love these guys! Got an interview with them for my blog too. You can check it out here:


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