Airways ‘One Foot’

Fans of Arctic Monkeys are sure to make room in their collection for Airways and their track “One Foot.” Hailing from Peterborough, United Kingdom, the 4 piece band welcomes listeners to an alternative rock sound that has been missed through the realm of experimental and dreamy escapades. The track highlights the band’s influences, surroundings, and above all, an explosive sense of joy that peaks throughout the track, that is irresistible.

Opening with a steady beat, and careless vocal approach, attitude-wise speaking, the track’s set-up for a louder punch cleverly begins with the mental state. As the spoken-sung, and laid back take on vocals instantly grip you, the climatic pull is at the base of layering guitars, and triumphant background chants of “Hey!” that adds to the march of “one foot after the other.”

Not only is this one of the best alternative rock tracks of July, but an artist to keep in mind for future releases .

5 comments on “Airways ‘One Foot’

  1. Such a good band, they’re brilliant live too x


    • I love when I hear a band is as great live as on the recordings. Where did you see them?

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      • Supporting The Hunna at the joiners in Southampton, they were really down to earth and a laugh because they couldn’t get one of the Amps to work, let alone they’re so so polished for a new band x

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      • haha, technical problems bring out the best in artists and how they handle it. Glad you enjoyed them live, and thanks for telling me this- makes them more enjoyable. 🙂

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      • I love knowing what bands are like, I tend to enjoy their music better if I know that they’re nice too aha. Airways are lovely and they were just chatting with us when they were on stage (there was no barrier), if you get a chance go see them X


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