The Dreamers: Part Three

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re lying on the floor against sheets of useless lyrics, ideas saved on your phone’s voice recorder, and bags under your eyes that slap you back in the face and question why on the face of the planet you are still doing what you’re doing. Questions ramble against your feelings, “Did I make the right choice?” Followed by the possibility of a selfish, lonely road ahead, all for the sake of “loving what you do.”

Too often as I come across musicians, or better yet, any ambitious person, I always ask “why do you do this?” Some state that they want to make people feel better with their creation, while others express it’s how they feel better. The majority of the answers are simple and focused on “because I love this.” Ultimately, as each stumble occurs, the dreamer then weighs the labor of love with the cost, and the return. Circles back to what seems like a lonely road to the same question, “Did I make the right choice?

If it’s 2 a.m. and you are in fact still working on this love, then yes, you made the right choice.
If there are sheets of useless ideas and word vomit strewed across your bedroom floor, then yes, you made the right choice.
And if  you can’t picture yourself doing anything else in the world, then yes, you made the right choice.

The hopeful will doubt, and beg for positivity, while the cautious will tread within security.

The dreamers will see it, the dreamers will feel it, and above all, the dreamers will do it.

What no one knows is the how- which means, it will not be a lonely road.

Labor of love will not tear you to choose, or rank your “loves” in order. Labor of love will fight with the willingly belief that it will be done, as love, then labors to your intent, not the other way around.

What may seem as a narrow street, are just people and things who do not fit, removing themselves. Those who do fit, will never flee.

From all who sleep with hope and faith, only the few dream. From the few that dream, the rest love, and as logic will prove, you can’t weigh the cost of love.

Then again, I’ll be up until 2 a.m. telling these stories, and question myself, “Did I make the right choice?”

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