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5 Inspiring Indie Musicians to Follow on Instagram

Image courtesy of Ludovic ETIENNE under CC by 2.0
Image courtesy of Ludovic ETIENNE under CC by 2.0

Written by: Isa, Blogger for Culture Coverage

The technology age, long ago killed the career of any musician who turned down the idea of social media—which is great for those of us who live by their Instagram newsfeeds. For fans, it’s how we low-key stalk our favorites (only online of course) with unfettered access to life through their eyes.

So for indie fans the world over, here are five great Instas to get behind next time you go on a follow spree—not only are these IGs filled with music and tours, but there’s friends, and fun, and, with this crowd, plenty of beer.

Image courtesy of @betaradio
Image courtesy of @betaradio

1.Beta Radio

This duo from Wilmington, North Carolina, combines influences from indie to Americana in their one-of-a-kind sound that’s been featured on the show “Hart of Dixie.” Their Instagram blends these two genres as well. From sneak peeks of upcoming work to documenting the rugged, rural life of a musician, Beta Radio’s Insta is as raw as their vocals and as finely turned as their melodies.

You can also check out their latest tunes from their album “Colony of Bees” on Spotify (all you international listeners, grab a VPN—it’ll get you around any geo-blocking from the site!).


Image courtesy of @corrinebaileyrae
Image courtesy of @corrinebaileyrae

2. Corinne Bailey Rae

Though the artist was named the breakthrough artist to watch by the BBC in 2006 and has a Grammy Award under her belt, Corinne Bailey Rae has kept a fairly low-key profile while generating music that stuns the senses and remains totally authentic. With an Instagram full of poses with greats like Stevie Wonder, as well as epic panoramas of her jaunts around the world, a daily dose of her feed will remind you that making it big doesn’t mean you have to be a sellout.

Photo courtesy of @kierstenmh
Image courtesy of @kierstenmh

3. Kiersten Holine

Named in the 2007 Hot Issue of Rolling Stone, Kiersten Holine is no newbie to the limelight, but her down-to-earth roots (and Instagram) are proof that none of it has gone to the head of the talented songstress. Holine’s feed is exactly what you’d expect from a talented, world-traveling, twenty-something musician—great food, great friends, and even better concerts—which makes this artist a must-follow for simply keeping it real.

Image courtesy of @familandfriendstagram
Image courtesy of @familandfriendstagram

4. Family and Friends

The Athens-based group Family and Friends started with one and grew to six, with the love of music, soul and strong beliefs all entwined. Their Insta is just as full of those elements as their songs, with shout-outs to bandmates, festivals and small town record stores like Georgia’s legendary Wuxtry Records. They’ll remind you what’s so great about having friends and family around—something everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time.

Image courtesy of @handsomestghost
Image courtesy of @handsomestghost

5. Handsome Ghost

The indie prom duo Handsome Ghost hails from Vermont and puts together sweet dream electronics and croon-worthy vocals that spill out into their Instagram, rocking with sunbeams, black and white filters, and plenty of action shots. Whether on tour promoting their debut EP “Steps” or just taking it easy, following these guys is guaranteed to be a great journey watching them climb all the way to the top.


Whether you’re a casual follower or snooping around looking for your own big break, these five indie darlings give us all a reason to fire up the world’s favorite photo app and get to scrolling.

About the Author: Isa is a dedicated music fan and culture junkie, loving both the scope of big music festivals and the intimate atmosphere of an underground bar set. She hopes this list of artists to follow is one that leads you to discover not only great pictures but also great music. 

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