Electric Soul: A Look Into The UK’s Emerging Music Scene

The combination of R&B/soul music paired with quality electronic production has created a unique presence in the UK music scene. Here’s a look at some of the musicians defining the sound.

Zak Abel

Zak Abel “Everybody Needs Love

SG Lewis x Zak Abel “Higher Ground

With a voice beyond his years, Zak Abel poses as the next big thing coming out of the UK. In his most recent single “Everybody Needs Love,” he combines vulnerable lyrics with an infectious melody. The track is impossible not to sing along to. Not only does Zak possess an incredible range in his voice, but has a wonderful variety in his music production. Working with producers such as SG Lewis and the gifted Tom Misch, Zak effortlessly combines the fundamental elements of soul and R&B with a refreshing twist of electronic music.

Tom Misch

Tom Misch “Watch Me Dance

Tom Misch ft. Zak Abel “Beautiful Escape

Multi­-instrumentalist, singer­-songwriter, and London ­based Tom Misch, is already an accomplished musician at his ripe age of 21. His music takes a more down tempo jazz ­fueled approach to electronic music, focusing on the soulfulness of his voice with minimal R&B beats. Also working with Zak Abel on the exceptional track “Beautiful Escape,” it is apparent  the intersection of soul and dance music is bringing about many exciting new ideas.

Brendan Reilly

Disclosure “Moving Mountains” ft. Brendan Reilly

It takes a bit of research to find information on Brendan Reilly, but that does not mean to overlook the immense talent of the London ­based singer/songwriter. I was lucky enough to see Brendan when he performed “Moving Mountains” off of Disclosure’s sophomore album, Caracal in LA this past September. Needless to say, I was completely blown away. The song itself has an enormous intensity to it, and during the performance I could sense the similar urgency in Reilly’s powerful sonic voice. Not only has his touring with Disclosure placed him as one to watch, but his debut album The Life of Reilly radiates with heart and soul taking the pace back to his jazz­-based roots.

Sam Wills

Sam Wills “So Bright EP

I first came across Sam Wills when I saw his debut EP was produced by wunderkind Karma Kid. In a recent interview, it’s evident Sam is aware of the development of the musical trend. “Although the charts are still touch and go there does seem to be more of a shift towards soul, which is wicked.” A personal favorite, “So Bright,” features Karma Kid’s signature production topped with a funky bass line, making for a dazzling track.

Ryan Ashley

Blonde ft. Ryan Ashley “Foolish

Shy Luv “Magnetise

Ryan Ashley is not only a profound and eloquent singer, but is also the third member of Karma Kid’s side project Shy Luv. This project is a prime example of some soulful electronic music infused with shimmering music production, perfect for the summertime. They are set to release new music soon. Although Ryan has noteworthy success in collaborations, he has a promising future as a solo act as well.

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