Discover: Natty ‘Streetlights’

Not enough can be said and definitely not enough has been said about Natty. The soul/R&B musician has just released his single “Streetlights” and it’s a track worth putting on repeat 24/7. Based in London, he has created something perfect for the beach months. Natty’s sound is light, fun, and simple.

Streetlights” is a song about people’s relationships with each other and with technology. The lyrics really highlight how people’s devotions have shifted, “Oh so far with this technology/ but there’s something missing in the society/ we’ve forgotten about love.” The song is mellow but fun. There is an obvious influence from reggae and hip-hop. The song starts with a quick tempo and continues into a sunshine melody. Something rapid and light that never overpowers itself or the lyrics. Overall, “Streetlights” is incredibly well-produced. It’s impossible to ever be pulled out of the melody and the lyrics are gorgeous and succinct. Natty seems to grab the listener’s hand and pull you along with a smile through the song. This will definitely be your new summer-obsession.

About Fernanda

Fernanda Vidaurrazaga is a writer, amateur filmmaker, and surfer (channels and crowds, never waves). When she isn’t looking up concert tickets she can’t afford, she’s often found drinking things that aren’t coffee at coffee shops while glaring at word documents. She is a recent UC Riverside graduate with two degrees, working on potential theses for graduate school.

2 comments on “Discover: Natty ‘Streetlights’

  1. Haven’t listened to this guy since ‘Bedroom Eyes’! Thanks for the reminder


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