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Victor Perry ‘4 A.M. Nostalgia’ EP Review

Courtesy of Victor Taylor Perry
Courtesy of Victor Perry

Old soul at heart, Victor Perry, captures emotions with his high falsettos and a sweet and classic sound, fused with the modern aspects of mainstream pop, on his EP, 4 A.M. Nostalgia. The 22-year-old hailing from Georgia, displays joyous melodies with an exposed core in his music which seems to glide freely from Perry’s vocals. The 5 track EP is a collection of well tailored thoughts to reflect back, and in this case, come alive at 4 a.m.

Noting a theme with colorful harmonies, Perry opens the track with his single “Rainbows,” and sweetly demonstrates the fusion of pop and R&B. In addition to the high vocals, there is a hint of nostalgic pop heard within the blissful times of late 60s’ pop. Perry incorporates his influences, yet cleanly transitions the track into the modern age towards the end with slight electronic sounds, adding to the “new” colors of the rainbow’s spectrum.

Slowing down the momentum while being centered on love, “Nighttime Baby” falls into a catchy, sweet melodic structure. Perry’s high falsettos are equally dispersed through the song, noting other ranges the young musician possesses. Regardless of what melody is backed behind Perry’s vocals, there is a very honest, sensitive side, that oozes from this track.

The remainder of the EP turns into raw, leftover feelings,notably mentioning the last two tracks, “LightHouse” and “Nostalgia.” Letting vocals and the words connect with a listener, “LightHouse” stands out with its texturing effect towards the end of the sound, mimicking bursts of lights as each layer is added towards the end. Whereas “Nostalgia” touches a listener with an obvious method, carried out by a slow-tempo piano, focused on emotive vocals.

Simple and natural are some words which can be used to describe Perry’s stance on music. Delivering his message while staying true to his own sound is admirable, and we look forward future releases where Perry will tap further into his flawless gift of a bright soul.

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