Discover: Shanique Marie

Shanique Marie, songstress and songwriter hailing from Kingston, delivers smooth reggae vibes from her Uno EP.  Marie and her EP will make any heart beat again with its sensual production, courtesy of Jamaican label group, Equiknoxx Music. While the 10 track EP carries a fluidity of tropical sounds, Marie’s blend of reggae and jazz shines on her track “Babylon System” as well as the questioning heart track, “Suga Dumplin.'” Through the midst of reggae tracks that offer slim expansion of sounds, Marie’s vocals and delivery break her confinement from a genre, and allows her voice to be remembered and heard.

The most traditional fusion of breezy synths and colorful sounds are heard on “Babylon System.” It’s a lush musical journey with a mellow back-bone and reggae root. Despite its gorgeous melody, the track takes a political approach heard before from a great Bob Marley track, and touches on the same selfish intent of the system: “They only care about nobody, but themself.” Regardless of the heavy story, the construction of the track allows Marie to rise up in power, ultimately having control.

On the other side of the spectrum, Marie’s love appeal is genuinely displayed through the track, and video, for “Suga Dumplin.'” Marie wastes no time and simply asks within the lyrics, “Is it true, do you not love me anymore?”

The honest lull painted on Marie’s face is enough to make your own heart sink for the answer. The video’s focus is on Marie’s rise and fall of emotions, as she hears the truth on the phone, to anger that explodes through the display of broken records. Her lover in the video is calm throughout Marie’s human-esque display, and towards the end Marie sweetly swoons, “I still love you.”

Shanique Marie and her honest voice are refreshing, and pairs perfectly against the summer’s rays.


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