Discover: Kyan Palmer ‘Hit List’

Courtesy of Kyan Palmer
Courtesy of Kyan Palmer

It’s tough to imagine a marketing student who never saw himself in music hitting the scene so strongly, but new artist Kyan Palmer has done just that. “Burn Mona Lisa,” his first single, was part of Kyan Palmer’s marketing thesis project. Since then, the song has been circulating social media and capturing people’s attention. If you listen to either “Burn Mona Lisa” or this latest single “Hit List” it’s no surprise. The guy has proven himself a good lyricist, singer, and producer. Using R&B-esque vocals, dreamy and dynamic melodies, memorable beats, and outstanding lyrics he’s someone to be aware of.

Hit List” showcases familiar sounds in pop right now while still standing on its own as a strong and unique track. Think Drake meets Nick Jonas. Kyan Palmer is hitting that sweet spot of pop where hip-hop meets soul. The lyrics talk about heartbreak. They describe a relationship where the singer feels like just another notch on someone’s bedpost. Appropriately, the end of the song ends with the rhythmic sounds of a heartbeat. Every bit of the song is thought out. In the end it all comes together to make something that can appeal to many.

This is just Kyan Palmer’s second song. He took a big chance on music and I am so glad he did. Already his talent stands out. Kyan Palmer is someone to be excited for. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

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  1. Great review! Felt the same about his tracks.


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