Discover: Exit Glaciers ‘Silence Has Left’

Courtesy of Exit Glaciers
Courtesy of Exit Glaciers via Facebook

Indie-folk band from Denton, TX, Exit Glaciers, introduce listeners to a sweet and hazy time similar to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, with their single “Silence Has Left.”  Written while lead singer Megan Storie was “care taking” a remote lodge in Central Maine, Exit Glaciers state that the songs off their Debris EP were “born from time spent in solitude and deep inner searching.” “Silence Has Left” is no exception to this mind state, and revives an aroma of self-reflection, and the trials along the way towards love.

Storie’s natural, and wanting voice is the strongest part of the track. Storie doesn’t need to push the limits of the audible range of her voice, but simply manipulates emotions with the tug of her chords, and overall powerful, effortless rhetoric.

Powerful vivid statements, such as “Silence has left you with nowhere to run” personifies the main intent. Carried beautifully by Alexander Hughes, Tony Whitlock, and Blake Vickrey, the track’s melody, timing, and production, support Storie’s  elegant vocals.

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