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Discover: Todavia ‘Stay’

Courtesy of Todavia

Rhyan Riesgo, sole member, and multi-instrumentalist of Todavia, released her melodic sophomore album, Stay.  The 5-track EP displays sweet dream-pop vibrations and intricate layers that create beautiful scenes, and in an essence, is a narrative and story album. Cleverly broken down into fragments as the album titles, that must’ve been key characteristics stuck out during moments of time, these visual components unite to build the vivid emotional tone of Stay.

Opening with “Person,” Riesgo’s emotional control is powerful as an introduction of the album. Bright, dreamy synths, are truly beautiful, and acts as the perfect support for Riesgo’s soft yet raspy vocals. Couldn’t think of a better track to set the mood for the album, and with lyrics such as “you fell in the back seat of my mind,” “Person” instantly becomes the track to chase love.

The rest of the EP possess similar qualities of whimsical, melodic structures, which enables listeners to feel the musical vibrations; a key quality with successful dream-pop music. Todavia successfully delivers through the raw, and self-expressive riffs, without losing quality in production. Despite the “dream-pop” center, Stay offers more creativity, such as the track “Sounds” and the closing track, “Baby.”

Through the stream of many similar sounds in this genre, Stay captures listeners due to Todavia’s creation. Stay is more than mechanical, but of a strong and blunt heart.




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