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Discover: Unhand ‘Part Two’

Courtesy of Unhand via Facebook

Aiming to be solely known for the music, unknown U.K. Producer, Unhand, steps into the musical realm with his EP, Weak to Week, which consists of 9 tracks that bleed into various genres. The musical range on the EP highlights Unhand’s influences and direction of voice, which is exciting for future music.

One track in particular will steal your senses, and safe to say, will beg for a repeat. “Part Two” is nostalgically cool and smooth in its approach. Opening up with repeated piano chords, the suspense is in the track’s delicate simplicity. As soon as the piano has made its presence known, the layering of sounds begins. Steady beats and vocalization muffled in the back add texture, while jazz horns tighten the track’s pull. Light shakers keep the track on time while the various brassiness sounds set the smoothness direction towards R&B.

Despite the instrumental track’s short package, “Part Two” says enough about Unhand and the track without killing a vibe. A special flare would be Unhand’s use of experimental blends within the same track. One may never know the journey the track will eventually take, but only assured that it will return with its sensual center.

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