Summer Track: JeanoMusic ‘Paradise Train’

Miami based artist, Jeano, has us jumping off with his latest single “Paradise Train.” The lyric video is a constant emission of love, while couples and friends, blissfully dance, crooning to the one they love. By the end of the track the video will have filled up your heart 3 times its normal size.

Jeano’s vocals are soft and smooth, and embody simple pop without excess reverb. The track itself is a feel good summer song to add to your playlist while you obsesses with that one special person you can’t seem to get off your mind. Jeano has created an innocent feeling that all have felt, and extracted its essence into the pop melody. In addition to its’ bright, pop structure, the musical fusion of “Paradise Train” seems to also note a slight funk, and even disco, bare feel behind the hook. This fusion of different components that have given the listener the ability to instantly become happy is the gift given by Jeano.

Besides the obvious feeling within the lyrics, the video paints a bigger one, unifying everyone with love- something we all need in the world as of late.

1 comment on “Summer Track: JeanoMusic ‘Paradise Train’

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim

    Love is pretty awesome and in love we are all one 🙂


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