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New Noise [Electro-Pop]: Best This Week

Courtesy of Rival Caves via Facebook
Courtesy of Rival Caves via Facebook

Rival CavvesEZ Way Out–  Rival Cavves fuse dream pop and electro-pop in the best possible way on their track “EZ Way Out.” The Los Angeles duo’s use of dreamy guitar chords, layered vocals, and wispy waves, surround a listener in feel good vibes. Bright textures within the song, paired with the addictive synths, creates an overall ambient feeling that is perfect to soak up any rays left that Rival Cavves didn’t already emit.


DENMUnder Pressure” – Santa Barbara artist, DENM, brings us soothing electronic noises on his latest track “Under Pressure.” The track wraps us in a hazy dream right before the hook pulls you into the steady beat. As the momentum builds, the chorus is a full EDM party, and meshes the garage pop vocals into an electronic melt. “Under Pressure” and its’ attraction of pure bliss is sure to be on your summer playlist.


Totally Awesome SummerBicycle“-  Hailing from St Paul, MN, Totally Awesome Summer, embark on a mission to capture the essence of carefree vibes and translate these feelings into dancable melodies. The overall product is “Bicycle,” an electro-pop, dance track that incorporates nostalgic 80s bits, and high-falsettos that are extremely catchy. Despite its strong pop core, this track’s delight comes within the addictive groove all centered around something so simple as a bicycle.


Askery Ft. JaxCastles” –  Standout vocals, intense builds, and a smooth production. This can only be the collaboration between Swiss producer Askery and American songwriter/singer, Jax. The two utilize their strengths to create the magical, electronic track “Castles.” Based around a heart that won’t be broken anymore by love, “Castle” tells a bitter-sweet anthem of putting up walls and protecting the “castle.” Through vivid imagery, beautiful vocals against skilled synths, the two have created a memorable track.


Kiara NelsonCool My Rush“- Kiara Nelson makes her debut with her single “Cool My Rush” and creates a dance track for the electro-pop lovers. Strong synths and beautiful vocal control are displayed by the 18yr old, Finnish-Sweedish-American, popstress. Drenched heavily in feel good vibes, and empowerment felt in Nelson’s care-free attitude,  “Cool My Rush” becomes a pop dream for the summer.


Secret Weapons “Perfect World“- Not losing a beat from the start, Brooklyn based duo, Secret Weapons, combine the likes of MGMT, Tame Impala, and pure electronic bliss on their latest track “Perfect World.” The indie-pop band revive heavy 80s dance vibes, with playful vocals that gives the track a fresh feeling. Yet, despite the pop center, the end of the track is full of surprises, as crunchy guitars and held notes spice up the dance jam.

Courtesy of Triton
Courtesy of Triton

Triton– Borgeous & TyDi – “Wanna Lose You (Triton Remix)“-  What started as a remix for a Borgeous contest, Triton’s creation of “Wanna Lose You” fuses trap beats and EDM into its production. Matt Francisco, the man behind the triumphant name, uses subtle changes that changes the direction and feel of the original track. The original seemed to possess a “lighter” side to the emotional value of not wanting to lose someone. Triton’s use of brass and heavier bass drops takes the softness out from the original track and high-lights stronger feelings. An overall clean remix that still holds onto the original heart of Boregous.


Bronze Whale – Crywolf “Slow Burn (Bronze Whale Remix)“-  Austin based duo, Bronze Whale, recreate the electronic hit from Crywolf, and adjust the emotional aspect through their use of extraction during production. Already amazing on it’s own, “Slow Burn” is a great electronic track from Crywolf, and if possible, Bronze Whale revives the important contents while focusing on a powerful sound. The remix features great drops and futuristic synths that takes Cryworlf’s words into another dimension. Bronze Whale’s skilled ear changes the original tone and adds anxiety to the structure.

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