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New Noise: BLAJK ‘Lethal’

Photo by: Jeffrey Ayres
Photo by: Jeffrey Ayres

Toronto based band BLAJK, define what it means to love someone to the last point, with their misty, indie-wave track “Lethal.” The 4 piece band – Jordan Radics (vocals), Brent Gordon (guitar), Thomas Conrad (Bass/Keys), and Ray McTaggart  (drums) – weave an emotive track, drenched with hints of desire, seduction, and obsessive riffs.

Opening with a heavy bass drum kick, reminiscent of the 80s, “Lethal” begins its’ set-up for weary territory. As Radics’ low, and at times smoky, vocals lead the introduction by a gut feeling, the murmuring synths of brass peak, intertwined with a funky bass hook, leads up to the tracks’ kick of loving someone to “the lethal dose.”

“Lethal is a song about a tarnished yet lustful relationship that has kept you going back and forth over time.  Constantly yearning for the person while fully aware that reconnecting only leads to trouble and unhappiness. It’s about indulging in the guilty pleasure that is this person and living with the consequences.” – BLAJK

BLAJK recreates an allure, and paints the bigger picture, by the well-blended use of sounds and honest, descriptive lyrics. In a time where synths are still soaking up the majority of songs’ structures, BLAJK’s intelligent balance, and use of synths, revive nostalgic sounds to the modern era.

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