Lauren Mann ‘Make Smooth’


Calgary songstress Lauren Mann, invokes the senses in a retro wonderland, with her latest track “Make Smooth,” taken from her recent album, Dearestly, which is now available for pay-what-you-want. Filled with catchy, nostalgic 70s vibes, that flourish within the hazy chorus, “Make Smooth” delivers a dose of natural light, warm melodies, and at times, dimensional shadows. Self-proclaimed as “honest and affectionate,” Mann’s direct personal wants and mission of discovery leads her to various tempo changes, and ambiguous melodies.

Sprinkled with an aroma of a indie-folk ballad, “Make Smooth” and its’ layers are hard to not fall in love with, and branch out further to the indie-pop realm.  The track’s beauty shines through the dimensional verses, which add the realistic touch behind the intent of the track.

Mann’s repetitive line “I wont rest until I find out all your secrets”  hints that this could possibly be the only way to smooth out her rough edges that are prodding her mind. Despite such strong lyrical content within the chorus, the upbeat waves of sounds reassure that Mann is on the way towards her smooth embodiment.

Be sure to visit to download Dearestly which is available for pay-what-you-want.

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