Alev Lenz ‘Airport Or A Single Summer In The City’ (Live At The Premises)

Performed by: Aicha Djidjelli on drums, Harry Deacon on bass, Stevie Wyatt on guitar, and Alev Lenz on vocals and piano.

London-based songstress and musician, Alev Lenz, shines a spotlight on quirky lines, upbeat melodies, and humorous visuals, with her live, and early version of the track “Airport.”  Recorded live, and filmed at The Premises in London, Lenz expresses these recordings are “live session demos.” What started as a basic construction of the song, is now a reworked track on her sophomore album Two-Headed Girl.

Despite being an early version, the live session is a personal favorite compared to the studio version. As both contain the same structure, the live session truly captures the racing thoughts, elapsed time, and controlled texture of sounds. The lively song is upbeat with a melodic core, and possess a fun bounce to its delivery against the piano keys.

In between the honest pieces of being in a relationship, and the different perspectives cleverly measured by the length of Lenz’s hair, the symbolic aspect creeps inside, and one can’t help but smile. The indie track cascades smoothly and is visually stimulating as it is to the ears.

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