Letter From the Editor: [Female] Music Blogger

She will also make it known, that she isn't just a female music blogger. She is simply, a music blogger.

Very few things will lead me to stray away from a music review and write a blog on Girl Underground Music. I try desperately to stick to the values that this blog was based on, and not for once spread negativity, or get personal at all. If any longtime readers will notice, I hardly use first person narrative in my reviews as well. One would assume then this must be important, this must be worth writing.

The next portion of this blog will showcase my editing skills, I suppose. What may seem like a rant, what may seem like an issue that many have read and heard before, is not. This doesn’t apply to all female bloggers, this doesn’t apply to all musicians. I can only speak on my behalf, and for those interactions. If these sadly are the cards dealt in my realm, then I cannot control people around me, nor the hand, just my own. End result: this blog post.

This isn’t a sympathetic light shown on a female blogger, nor an angry post.

This is simply a story. A story of a female blogger who goes to shows when she can, and tries to tell stories. Stories within the music. Stories of their trials. Stories of their joy. All, for the sheer pleasure of connecting a lost listener to music that will speak to them. She discovered that these messages come in all forms. From the lamest pop song, to the funkiest track, these waves speak.

She has grown weary of what is around her. Why must she get talked down to by men in greater blogs? Why must she fear of what to wear to cover a show? Why isn’t she taken seriously during an interview, based on appearance and not past work? Why do these things prevent her from doing what she loves?

Instead of giving in to this game, she rolls her shoulders. She paints her blog pink, even though she really isn’t a fan, and breaks out for people to see more than a look, but the feel of the content. She paints it pink so everyone will be the same color. She paints it pink to self-assert the words, and humiliate ill intent.

Our female blogger will take time to recover, and continue to write. She will meet people, as usual, and build connections. Many male artists will reach out to her, and at times, some may flirt. She will be skeptical that all only talk to her for what she can do, and who she knows. She will continue and notice that her professionalism has separated her from relations. She will notice that her rejecting artists will remove her logo from their press sheets. She will notice many things. She will notice petty, immature actions. There’s one thing she won’t do though- let that mislead her from music, from people, and from writing.

She will also make it known, that she isn’t just a female music blogger.

She is simply, a music blogger.

5 comments on “Letter From the Editor: [Female] Music Blogger

  1. Sadly sexism is still rife in every industry; even in artistic ones. You have introduced me to music i may never have heard and that’s what matters. Keep the faith.


    • Sadly it is, and maybe a part of me was in a denial and tried to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I am glad though that you got to discover music from all of this! Truly makes me happy. What artists in particular did you like?


      • Recently I really enjoyed the Wild

        Reeds and Love La Femme. So cheers for bringing them into my world ☺


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