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David Sanya & Alexia Butler ‘Let Me Be’

Toronto seems to be peaking with producers with a delicate craftsmanship regarding attention to detail- David Sanya is no exception when it comes to this statement. Teaming up with Alexia Butler, the two have fused Sanya’s “Future R&B” production, with Butler’s driving vocals into a sexy, cool collaboration of sounds entitled “Let Me Be.” If there was ever a track to follow the moment of self-reflection in a toxic relationship, and the defining moment of freedom, this is that track.

Future electronic sounds build, and yearning R&B vocals cascade over the beat. Obvious love is still felt, with a momentum built on hope, change, and hurt, exhausted within the first minute. The beat halts when Alexia declares “Let Me Be.” From this stance one would anticipate the bass to drop, but not this track, that would be too obvious and casual for the likes of Sanya. Instead, the sexiest sax hits the airwaves and washes away insecurities into strength. Alexia’s blunt words echo against the bite of the sax: “Don’t waste my time /  Just let me be / I got my life / When you left me.”

Sexy, strength, temptation, and everything in between, “Let Me Be” redefines what it is to be cool. Tempo changes are mixed flawlessly, and slowly trickles back to the R&B feel. Paired with a perfect story, a listener becomes free with guidance of the sax, and quality production.


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