SAINT BEST ‘In The Morning’

Danish electro-pop band, SAINT BEST – Daniel Thoning, Christian Askjær, Mads Jenstrup, and Christian Bonne – take sexual food fetishes to a new level with their questionably disarranged, pleasure-filled video “In The Morning.” Paired with SAINT BEST’S insatiable synth drenched track, and hypnotic vocals, “In The Morning” becomes addictive for its simple visual shock, and a memorable first single. Some things cannot be unseen, yet the masochist in us all will beg for a repeat.

Sweetly, the video opens with the 80s dance track, and carefree attitude of the two characters meeting. As far as innuendos go, we find our male character wanting to taste the inside of the female’s clam, yet needs a little help after he nicks his lip. Cleverly setting this up, this first scene doesn’t really hold value until the end, and we are sidetracked with the sentiment of lyrics, “Answer my question / well, am I still on your mind?

Upon the second scene, what was lined up now comes into play; a romantic dinner for two turns into a fetish paradise. Building up momentum with the heavy bass and synths, the two become locked in tracing the outline of bodies, as the camera pans and focuses on excitement. Being too much for the excited woman, her hands land in the food platter, one being a decorative orange where she slowly, and then eagerly, begins to play with the center.

With enough steam being emitted, the man continues to glide his hand across the woman’s body and begins to get lower. Clever shots of fruit placement, and long shots, lead to the obvious, yet take a turn when the man halts down south and meets a bowl, strategically placed in front of the woman. He then reaches in “her” bowl and gets an egg, where he simply cracks it, and separates the yolk from the egg white.

Locked at this point by sheer curiosity, and the electro-pop melody dancing in the background, the jaw dropping moment begins as he consumes the raw yolk, and then transfers it to her in a heat of passion. Jaws continue to drop as this exchange of “yolk” continues throughout their passionate session, until streaks of bright yellow ooze from the woman’s mouth. With flashbacks of what really happened in the first innocent scene, the video’s true colors end the story, and forever stay with us.

From disturbance, to cleverness, SAINT BEST have left an impression, not only for their video, but the sense of experimentation that is heard on the track as well. Pairing nostalgic beats with fresh vocals, “In The Morning” delights in more ways than one.


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