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New Noise: Maison Hall ‘Two Conversations (Young)’

Deriving from a spontaneous jam between drummer Ben Bryon and Joe Kneipp, the duo, known as Maison Hall, originally created from Brisbane native Kneipp, showcases the random spurt of emotions as the duo recorded their debut album It Was Never About Me, in a hall. The juvenile sense of emotions that explodes from the album retells a sense of innocent problems that doesn’t age in feeling, only logic.

Their single “Two Conversations (Young)” easily depicts the theme of the album, and adolescents, in three minutes. The self-proclaimed “feels rock” builds from emotional fuel, and a consistent lyrical spew, that takes you down a scenic play by-play of racing thoughts. With an honest look inside a young man’s mind, the angst that builds towards the end of realization, converts into a jam explosion between Kneipp and Bryon, reminiscing hard alternative rock from early 2000s.

Kneipp shared this statement about the project: “Ben and I played for six days: guitar, drums, and vocals in that little hall. Our equipment broke. My amp hummed incessantly. We got sick from the cold and the dust. The end result of those six days is the LP ‘It Was Never About Me.’ It’s creation was cathartic, and relevant, and juvenile, and many other superlatives, but above all else it was completely fucking necessary. It was so important to just sing these 10 silly songs, songs I wrote when I was 18; songs about inconsequential, existential, angsty, pervasive restlessness and whatever. So we’re proud of this record, for what it isn’t more than what it is. I hope that it does something for you.”


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