Must Hear: Anna Dellaria ‘Sudden’

Courtesy of Anna Dellaria via Facebook
Courtesy of Anna Dellaria via Facebook

Hailing from San Francisco, based in Los Angeles, Anna Dellaria, blows us away with her R&B, and pop fused track “Sudden.”

Opening with a few strokes of a piano, the seemingly “somber” ballad begins with soft notes sustained and a delicate control of Dellaria’s vocals. As the track progresses, peaks of stringed elements slowly become prominent, and within 30 seconds, we are welcomed to the most pleasant turn of dynamics, and true magic of the track. Blurring the lines of R&B, and small traces of jazz elements, “Sudden” sets the scene, and allows for an emotionally driven track to be heard.

Paired with a gorgeous, amazing bridge, that will wash a listener in a bath of melodic soul, Dellaria continues to excite during the track by her textured voice. From a soft and sweet note, to an icy charged bite, Dellaria’s emotive vocals is the cherry on top. The purity of the track, and sensational vibes, allow for smoother transitions from tempo changes in between verses. “Sudden” becomes an instant love, and drips in a well constructed expression of desire.

Author’s Note: Mislabeled as “electro-pop” I was near skipping on this track, yet something told me to hold off for an additional 10 seconds. Then I hit the bridge, and before “Sudden” finished, I wrote this review.

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