Must Hear: Raveena ‘Johnny It’s The Last Time’

New York based R&B princess, Raveena Auora, returns with her last single, “Johnny It’s The Last Time,” before her debut EP release in the Fall, and focuses on the alluring illness of a poisonous relationship. Once again fusing her sensuality, with fresh, real, human soul, the track takes a heavier jazz approach and pairs beautifully with Raveena’s vocals.

Swimming through “power tactics,” the track’s genuine spotlight on herself and “Johnny” surfaces relatable struggles between pride and having the upper hand, whereas the reality is felt through the playful lyrics, “I come back every time / now I’m out of my mind / I said, ‘Johnny it’s the last time.'” Arrangement, bass, horns, and overall production are as smooth and potent as the story, and once again praises Raveena’s talent, highly anticipating her EP.

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