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Must Hear: Dominique ‘Good Girl’

Singer/songwriter/producer, Dominique, has proven herself an impressive talent in the world of indie pop with the release of her new single “Good Girl.” Her SoundCloud has a lot of great tracks but this new single is a bold step forward. Fans of household names like Lana Del Rey or Marina and the Diamonds need to immediately dive straight into Dominique’s music. You do not want to pass up listening to her.

Dominique uses breathy vocals and dreamy production in her music to create alluring music. It all taps into femininity in the best ways. Her use of layered and distorted vocals used intermittently in a song is never overdone or boring. The fact that she is so involved in every aspect of her music—the songwriting, production, and performance—leaves room for little error. Everything comes together through hard work, care, and a intimidate knowledge of the material. Something that is sometimes lacking in this type of pop.

This latest single, “Good Girl” really shows off this cohesiveness. Strong backing synths and emotive vocals push forward the lyrics, “The good girl, always the good girl / What will it take, to make me break?” The single illustrates the internal struggle of always having to act according to the values imposed by others. Though this is a familiar subject in music, “Good Girl” stands out due to the feelings of longing and defeat so evident in the vocals.

She has a self-produced EP on the way that is sure to be amazing. “Good Girl” is a good look at what to expect from Dominique in the coming future.

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