Love La Femme ‘Ruleta’

Love La Femme share their video for their latest single, "Ruleta."

Mexican duo, Love La Femme – Pablo Valero (guitar and vocals) and Marión Sosa (vocals)- introduce their latest music video for their recent single, “Ruleta,” and embodies the emotional chance of a lovers’ fate from a duel perspective, and executes these thoughts beautifully. Simply shot with the duo against a wall, with overlaying colors, the focus on life spinning through a Roulette is felt, even for those who aren’t accustomed to the Spanish language.

Musically, a prelude of an ominous western scene starts the video, and also weaves in and out of the track, heightening stronger moments. “Ruleta” quickly jumps into an alternative blend and flows freely by Sosa’s beautiful voice.

Directed and edited by Love La Femme, the duo’s personal hand’s on touch adds to the video’s realistic feeling. With various color filter changes throughout the video, the minimalist approach to visually display frustration, loneliness, and a raging mind come alive. As Sosa sings, “estoy en el vacío / casi en el precipicio / estoy empecinado / hoy,” the tension in the air becomes clear, depicted through a stressed Valero gripping his head, and a lost Sosa, looking anywhere else for an answer.

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