Discover: Kelsey Lu ‘Dreams’

How do you even begin to describe something beautiful? How do you begin to describe a pain that is beautiful? Kelsey Lu, and her natural state of beauty, which is composed of delicacy and strength, paints a cinematic, and a hauntingly array of stimuli, that resonates of a deeper beauty and a deeper pain, with her video for the track, “Dreams,” and acts as the closest answer to those questions. The radiant singer and cellist is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but now resides in New York, when Lu left home at the age of 18 to study the cello.

Directed by Alix Brown, “Dreams” is the echo of the past and the need for its’ future. A haunting shadow that follows you to only have relief in your sleep, whereas it’s also a constant reminder of what is missing. Shot in black and white, letting the music add the color for the first 4 minutes, the video focuses on abstract imagery that displays any ounce of beauty that is visible in the world. Setting the scene with an emotionally drained cello, and earthly, worldly environment, Lu’s graceful movements ties into the growth of the instrumentation. In-sync with her cello, Lu sings of a depth of love that is as heavy as the musical background. Abstractly, it speaks to those who have heard this pain before, and accompanies natural, artistic scenes, to translate to those who have yet felt what it means when Lu’s soul emerges through the lyrics, “I feel you in my dreams / I see you in my dreams.”

Lu is ready to release her debut EP, Church, on True Panther Sounds, July 8th, and show the world her unique sound, as well as play Hyde Park alongside Kendrick Lamar, Blood Orange, and Jamie XX.

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