Diana Ebe: ‘Elusive Pleasure’ Album and ‘Chasing’ Single

Courtesy of Diana Ebe via Facebook
Courtesy of Diana Ebe via Facebook

Singer/songwriter from Stockholhm, Sweden has just released her first full-length album, “Elusive Pleasure.” Diana Ebe is currently based in Los Angeles pursuing the dream of full-time musician. Her new album has at its core love and life running as central themes. The alt-pop artist creates bold atmospheric sounds, layered with piano, percussion, and haunting vocals. Each track works together to create a complete and solid album, but they can all stand on their own.

We were first introduced to this album by the track, “Chasing.” The soft percussion at the start of the song leads into a strong, pop-heavy chorus. The song is about chasing after love. The longing vocals and beseeching lyrics create a steady and ongoing cycle. This develops a desperate emotion in the song that only enhances each part of the melody.

Ebe’s cover of “Twice,” originally performed by another Swedish group, Little Dragon, is another favorite off the album. The song’s steady beats and affecting atmospheric melody are a perfect backdrop for the story the song tells about love and betrayal. This cover may trump my favor of the original if only because Ebe uses a xylophone in the song.

The “Elusive Pleasure” album is worth listening to straight through multiple times. You can listen on Spotify, Soundcloud, or buy it on iTunes.


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