Must Hear: Seramic ‘The Things You Do’

Courtesy of SERAMIC via SoundCloud
Courtesy of SERAMIC via SoundCloud

When an artist is able to excite you from the start and surpass your expectations with each release effortlessly, you know you found someone special. London artist, Seramic, releases his long-awaited 4-track EP Found, with the release of the last puzzle piece, “The Things You Do.” With a range of adaptability that Seramic has shown over the months since his release of “People Say,” one is never sure where the production will lay, in terms of genre. Despite the outside layers of wearing various hats, the striking asset that holds it all together is the possession of heart and soul, executed in the intense, to the simplest, by Seramic.

“The Things You Do” is no exception to this asset. The track is pop by nature, yet a different form of beast by sound. Crooning in the sheer awe of love, the track’s joyous demeanor makes it difficult to not smile. Beginning with an airy feel, the track soon develops an R&B backbone, as the love, and pop, rides over, resurrecting old and new emotions. Currents of electric funk find a place in your heart, and cruises down the silky verses into the finger snapping, and pleasurable chorus. Seramic’s vocals drag you in just when you’re ready to leave, befitting the track, making it hard to fight it; oh Seramic, the things you do.

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