New Noise

New Noise [Synth and Dream Pop]: Imre Elzer, CASTLEBEAT, and Richard Yot

Imre ElzerSome of Us“-  Dutch artist, now based in Norway, Imre Elzer, comes to us with his heavy synth-pop drenched track, “Some of Us.” Crossing psychedelic influences, with splashes of synths in every corner, “Some of Us” projects flashes of catchy sounds one would hear going down a rainbow slide. Safe to say the nostalgic layers of sounds and high falsettos are addicting as the repetitive background synth-bursts. Elzer’s use of bright sounds, in addition with his bedroom vocals, pairs for a relaxing track.

CASTLEBEATRope“-  Hailing from Orange County,  now residing in Los Angeles, Josh Hwang, better known as CASTLEBEAT, introduces us to a dreamy, lo-fi experience entitled “Rope.” Mimicking an 80s electronic beat, and innocent lyrics, the track follows a simple pattern, which makes it sweet. Underneath the thick, and hazy sounds, coastal guitar riffs peak in and out, reviving Hwang’s surroundings, but don’t over-saturate the innocence of the track. If you happen to be on a field, thinking about your lover, this is the soundtrack to those thoughts and feelings.

Richard Yot “Kings of Nothing“-  Originally a visual based artist that created soundtracks for animation, Richard Yot fell in love with music and songwriting that he soon became determined in  learning music. The London-based artist applied knowledge as a visual artist, and hard-work, into dreamy, raw pieces. “Kings of Nothing” is nothing short but raw and dreamy, and this realistic approach to imaginable sounds makes up the majority of the allure. Yot’s vocals are rough around the edges, yet breaks away through escalated hooks, highlighting structure and huge potential for Yot. The indie approach to this dream-pop track soothes on a hot summer night and welcomes us to a new artist to watch grow.


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