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New Noise [Indie]: Jason P Krug // The Wolfe

Courtesy of Jason P. Krug via Facebook

Courtesy of Jason P. Krug via Facebook

Jason P. Krug “Believe in Me“- Hailing from Windsor, Jason P. Krug and his track “Believe in Me”  create a soothing lo-fi, acoustic, folk-ballad letting you know that despite all the disasters that may come your way, Krug still believes in you, and so should you. This is a great indie version of a folk track that acts as a pick-me-uper for anyone who is going through a difficult time. Krug creates a very welcoming and trusting feeling with his voice alone, and the backing strings softens the message.


The Wolfe “Dumb Dog“- All female band, The Wolfe -Siobhan Bayda (vocals/bass), Gabrielle Giroux (guitar/vocals), and Tesa Thompson (drums)- offer a sweet melody with their latest single, “Dumb Dog.” The Canadian based band harmonizes beautifully and adds a touch of innocence by the use of a ukulele to a catchy indie-pop track. Bayada’s vocals are soft, yet powerful, as she expresses herself freely within the lyrics, referring to herself as a “mutt who knows the tricks.” Despite such self-inflicted blows, the song’s honesty paired with the refreshing melody is a bitter-sweet tune in moving on, without the somber leftover feel.


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