New Music: Name The Band ‘Taking the Cure’

Courtesy of Name The Band via Facebook
Courtesy of Name The Band via Facebook

Los Angeles indie-rockers, Name The Band, return with their latest single “Taking the Cure” off their forthcoming sophomore album, Summer Lush, and this time around stray away from the typical “burger-esque” sound that flows through Los Angeles. After a successful USA tour, Flash Flood, the Brazilian quartet’s sound seems to return to their Just Add Sugar days, with a stronger angst, and more centered approach.

From a playful “no care attitude,” and overall humbling vibe that the band expresses through their alternative tracks, “Taking the Cure” is distinct within its honesty, and resonates through the lyrics and vocals, provided by Zeh Monstro. Aiding in the extraction of emotional depth,  Gabriel da Rosa, Vini Marble, and Beto Careca, stand out with their choice of weapons, and truly display more of themselves, compared to the previous tracks.

Monstro repeats in a low lull of ironic, self-motivating lines that set-up the bite of the track, “I will not smile, and pretend that it’s alright / all right, all right,” as bent guitar chords, and rapid drumming squeezes anger into the chorus. With a heavy sound that rises in pieces, and raw lyrics to match, the odd man out would be the bass riffs presented. The craft of the bass throughout the song, are almost taunting, and challenging Monstro’s own words.

Name The Band’s raw, yet polished construction of “Taking the Cure” takes a listener on a ride of leftover feelings, into the best self-medicating outlet: music.

The debut party of the ‘Summer Lush’ album will take place at Los Globos, in East LA, on June 30th.

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