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Discover: Jim Caesar ‘5050’

Courtesy of Jim Caesar
Courtesy of Jim Caesar

Summer songs are anticipated now as the days grow longer, and with a fresh vibe of “nostalgic” chill, Jim Caesar brings a new meaning to “summer love” with his single, “5050.” Hailing from Chesham, Bux, the UK artist draws from an older sense of inspiration, current state of mind, and an effortless production, which allows the single to radiate with the love and care it took when cultivating.

As the track takes you down on those sparks of a new love, Caesar croons sweetly of not disturbing anything so “wild and free,” and coming to a beautiful middle ground. The innocence behind the lyrics and motives are then translated into a retro-pop, and soul infused wave, that hails to the greats, without being them; ultimately showcasing Caesar’s own sound.

When asked what the inspiration was for the track, Caesar stated: “At the time of writing, I was listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, which I think shows, although it probably sounds a bit more Prince-y. But the approach to music by legends like MJ, Prince and Stevie is something that I’m trying to respect whilst creating something that can only ever be known as the Jim Caesar sound. ‘5050’ is a light, summery song about a summery girl that brightened my days with her fire. It is the first single from me and it is just the beginning.”

This is just the beginning for Caesar, as the artist taps into his inspirations and recreates them for future sounds.

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