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New Noise [Hip-Hop]: Bryson Green, Styxmen, and Emay

Bryson Green Feat. Quinyae “Get It“- 21 year-old artist and producer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, brings us a futuristic and fresh track that is perfect to sit back and vibe alongside. Green keeps it cool on the track by focusing on a cold, visionary, and textured beat, as the assertive raps touches base on how you “get it while the getting’s good.” The simple lyrics paired with the experimental production allows a listener to absorb the music and nod in appreciation of life; overall a feel-good track.

Styxmen Featuring Asher Dust “Daises“-  UK hip-hop duo, Dead Ott and Prophit, from Oxford, UK, return from a small “hiatus,” with their second release “Daises” from their forthcoming release. The track features vocalist Asher Dust, and is a blend of smooth consistency with the right amount of soulful vibes that tells the track’s story. From “chasing paper” to various life’s trials, “Daises” paints a realistic image and revisits the ultimate expression of “pushing up daises.” The structure and overall production is blended to the point where the dramatic waves don’t wash out the lyrics, which directs the track’s appreciation within the lyrics.

Emay Israfil ‘Angels Trumpet‘”- Canadian rapper Emay returns with music and shares his first single “Israfil ‘Angels Trumpet,'” from his awaited LP, Ilah. There comes along very few tracks that possess an immediate allure, and motivational attraction in the music and lyrics, and Emay shines in his message. Paying tribute to his Islamic background, Emay’s reference in the title traces back to traditional Islam regarding Israfil, the Archangel, who blows his horn to announce the day of resurrection. With a very powerful belief implemented from the start, the track mimics this notion of  an “announcement,” and shares Emay’s personal struggle and desire to reach his dreams. Accents of horns throughout the song help tell the story, and peacefully tie in with Emay’s smooth flow.




4 comments on “New Noise [Hip-Hop]: Bryson Green, Styxmen, and Emay

  1. great finds
    good ear


  2. Much Thanks for the review, I’m gonna be checking back to discover unsigned talent. Blog looks great, is well written and positive.

    Stay Splendid.

    AJ ( Asher Dust )


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