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Retro-Electronic: Lovespeake ‘Sundive’

Lovespeake by Olav Stubberud
Lovespeake by Olav Stubberud

A minute into the track you will be unable to stop moving every part of your body. This is the effect that “Sundive” has on a human being when the waves wash over, and proceed into the ears. Hailing from Sandvika, Norway, indie-pop group Lovespeake- Alexander Pavelich, Andrew Murray, Andreas Westhagen, Christian Balvig, Elisabeth Nesset, and Martin Kaasa- create breathtaking, catchy hooks, that seems inconceivable to why we haven’t heard them till now, and shines light on retro-electronic in the best way possible.

The breezy track begins with seconds of quirky tweaks of funk before proceeding into a glorious beat and groovy melody. Tweaks of funk reappear as they are woven into the track’s foundation, pulling nostalgic musical influences, such as Bee Gees, from a psychedelic trip, before maintaining a solid upbeat momentum. The psychedelic pop subtly transitions to high falsettos, and a disco-pop chorus that consumes and oozes with perfection.

The track does a beautiful job by maintaining the easy-going vibe without excessive noise to “fluff” the track by the use of skilled percussion. Steady and high pitch blocks, tambourines, and centered bass riffs keep the track in a controlled chaos of sounds. Sunlight is exerted within every second, and Lovespeake effortlessly create a summer hit.

Be sure to check out Lovespeake’s debut album DNA

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