Pretty Sister ‘West Coast’

Courtesy of Pretty Sister
Courtesy of Pretty Sister

Back in April we shared the addictive, sexy track “Come to LA,” by Los Angeles artist Pretty Sister, notably mastermind Zak Waters. To complete the golden coast love, Pretty Sister returns with the Z-funk wave, “West Coast,” and provides a smooth collection of sounds that epitomizes summer nights. Heavily influenced with Pretty Sister’s nostalgic R&B, “West Coast” is no different, and glides to a slower approach for those mildly cool nights in Los Angeles.

Lyrically describing typical characteristics of Southern California, the track’s “slow-cooked funk” technique paints summer love with mainstream electronic. Peaks of high falsetto’s bring home a sensual feeling, similar to “Come to LA,” and a highly addictive hook. Pretty Sister are truly defining the “Z-Funk” era by sticking to R&B and soulful musical roots, tailored to a fresh production. The singles that Pretty Sister are releasing are desirably contagious, and uniquely stand alone, spreading feel-good vibes within the L.A. music community.


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