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Glass Spells ‘Away From Space’

Glass Spells, the synth-driven quartet from Calexico / San Diego, return with an equally synth-drenched track, “Away from Space,” and not only showcase their sweet moves, but how natural Suz Gonzalez is at being the band’s new front woman. Gonzalez, Anthony Ramirez (bass, synths), Michael Rascon (synths), and Mallory Garcia (drums) spark waves of chemistry and synth-pop grooves into their latest energetic track.

The video is a bit-current of heavy synths and acts as a flashback into the 80s, with pixelated distortion, colorful light projections, and a steady drum beat. Primarily focusing on the energy being displayed from Gonzalez and her assertive vocals, the momentum is built from Ramirez, Rascon, and Garcia’s musical foundation, into a fun disco-goth dancy party. An excellent addition to anyone’s summer playlist.

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