New Noise

New Noise: Smoke Season ‘When the Smoke Clears’

Courtesy of LAFAMOS
Courtesy of LAFAMOS

A beautiful act is in the art of evolution, and currently cultivating in Los Angeles, the duo Smoke Season continues to push sight and sound at the will of their touch. Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen return with a kinetic 6 track EP, Ouroboros, and take a leap into a better refined, and bound collection of sounds than their 2014 EP, Hot Coals Cold Souls. Wortman and Rosen continue to explore their own souls, and unfold their chemical reaction into 6 shots of electricity, proving that the duo truly do “play with thunder.” The two forces of talent prove that they are indestructible when fused together, and shine not only on their EP, but on their recent single, “When The Smoke Clears.”

Beginning with a steady, and slow build of electrical magic, mimicking a visual representation of lights flicking across one’s eyes, “When The Smoke Clears” foundation begins. The track’s layers and precise timing of the smallest of sounds is appreciated, heard clearly as the transition from electronic to the psychedelic installment flourishes. Hints of musical delights are trickled towards each build. A bass riff pulls both vocals into an unexpected groove, noting Rosen’s soothing voice that softens the blow.

Yet, it couldn’t be a Smoke Season track without an abundant amount of energy being controlled. Wortman’s vocals act as a skilled archer pulling back from her bow, with enough control to hold and release for the final pierce. Keys, synths, and a hazy ethereal background transfer energy from Rosen’s momentum to Wortman’s delivery.

Beautiful and eerily lingers, “When The Smoke Clears” is a clear act of musical evolution.

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