Discover: SiDizen King ‘One Day’ (Prod. Confessions)

Now residing in Los Angeles, SiDizen King and his single, “One Day” gives the world a head start for anybody’s summer playlist with a tropical feel good track. Produced by Confessions, “One Day” embodies a sweet,  and colorful wave alongside a motivational core as SiDizen King repeats over, “You can never, you can never ever, kill the dream.”  The rap and flow’s transition is seamless throughout the musical realm of indie and rap, while SiDizen King’s vocals meshes both elements.

Directly in the lyrics, “One Day” retells how King left from the east coast to Los Angeles to pursue his music and passion. The optimism heard within the chimes lighten up the mood and fall into the self-dubbed genre of “tropical house.” SiDizen King effortlessly plays with distinct sounds and together create a very addictive sounding track with a positive foundation.

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