The Wild Reeds ‘Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)’

Courtesy of The Wild Reeds via Facebook
Courtesy of The Wild Reeds via Facebook

Los Angeles harmonizers, The Wild Reeds, return with an impressive three track EP, Best Wishes, to follow up their 2014 album, The Blind and the Brave, as well as their best single to date “Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight).” Despite it’s length, the emotion, sound, and beauty that is compacted within the three tracks leaves an abundant amount of praise. Best depicted as a closure album, Best Wishes are the last words exchanged after all is said and done, regardless of the situation. Pitting through three main emotions depicted as tracks, Best Wishes is wrapped up in a sea of various other emotions floating through; reliving slight anger, sadness, foolishness, and ultimate acceptance upon looking at the picture from a different perspective.

Musically structured to mimic each emotion, the act of knowing when to place loud guitar riffs, and punchy drums, alongside simple folk-esq guitar strumming, makes The Wild Reeds a skilled master of their craft. Lead by harmonies that will very well lead you to bliss or a haunting past, Kinsey Lee, Mackenzie Howie, and Sharon Silva create a surreal painting of sounds when fused together, and are able to be heard prominently on this musical canvas with the help of Nick Jones and Nick Phakpiseth.

Diving into a similar pattern,  heard on “Where I’m Going” from The Blind and the Brave (2014),  Best Wishes begins with the standout track, “Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight).” Exceeding any expectation, the track appeals to each factor, shining lyrically and musically from start to finish. From a poetic, and overall written standpoint, the track’s honesty, and symmetry is painfully beautiful, reflecting on the time put forth in editing and balancing these snapshots of memories into clear thoughts.

Optimism is heard as bright and cheerful “tings”  that are carefully played, then transitions into strong chords with lasting lyrics: “Keep her close now, keep her happy, keep her wanting / don’t desert her now, the way that you did me / cook her breakfast, share your music, tell your secrets / give it all like you never plan to leave / did you plan to leave?” As it all comes out, the music rises with the tide. Taking center stage, gripping vocals consume attention towards the final scene in a explosive manner. In an instant, it drops into a short melody cascading to the end as a bittersweet reminder of existence, and overall  giving one your “best wishes.”

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